Monday, January 17, 2011

Internship - Week 3 & 4

Hi all!

The passed week and its last, I worked on the following:

The last feature was a proposal that caught my eye while browsing the empathy MUC issues.
Having the knowledge of who is typing in a chat room in real time would be quite useful. This was possible using "composing" states obtained from chat state notifications (XEP-0085). Although one-to-one user chats in empathy provide this facility but private chats and multi-user chat rooms were still deprived of this feature.

While working on this, Danielle helped me with chat state observation and discovered a telepathy-gabble bug causing unexpected parsing of incoming chat states as a part of this endeavor, after whose resolution I was able to pursue my tasks at hand. Hence, to test this work out, you'll need the bleeding-edge telepathy-gabble too.

Here are demonstrating shots for the same:
Private MUC

Chat room

So you can see that with the gabble bug rectified, now the chat window tab typing icons also work but they are a bit faulty. "Why", is what I am looking into!

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