Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Inner Beauty

I have been using Linux for quite some time now but only recently got a chance to peek into the internals of the OS I work on in detail. Unix/Linux internals had been on my hit-list since a very long time.
I was looking for some comprehensive books on the same and came across the following (in increasing order of complexity, I list)-

All these go well with a bit of the classic Unix source archive or Linux kernal source or both to compare (which is what it makes more fun and makes you feel out of the classroom ;) and you'll be good without these too in case you lack time or energy..


  1. You may find this interesting as well:'_Commentary_on_UNIX_6th_Edition,_with_Source_Code

  2. At first look this seems to be threatening a bit with details right up till assembly language programming! But yea, thanks for the link!

  3. You missed Robert Love's book. It is a _must have_. (not spam)

  4. Oh yea, often bought together! thanks!

  5. I too have a huge interest in understanding the Unix internals and system programming in the Unix environment, besides I am an OS Junkie, I like to collect OS books :-P. You already seem to have a great collection with you.

    I would recommend a couple:

    1. Advanced Programming In The Unix Environment: It's a cult classic by Richard Stevens, a must have reference book for doing any system level development in Unix/Linux.

    2. The Design of The Unix Operating System: A bit dated (1988), but the only book which describes the design and architecture of the Unix OS, and also describes the data structures and algorithms for each system call. No other book on OS can match this.