Wednesday, January 26, 2011

India celebrates its 62nd Republic day!

This one's is for all proud Indians and all world citizens who are happy for the republicans of the largest democracy in the world! :)

Today is a day to retrospect and be thankful to all those who brought a revolution to the nation and contributed towards the preparation of a permanent constitution for its people and for their future generations to be able to live a just life, in peace.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Internship - Week 5

The much awaited "Save all' button feature of Empathy's debug window is now in a working state. :)

I started working over this one in my 'Save all' button branch as my second ever bug to be fixed for Empathy but insufficient experience in asynchronous programming and debugging caused it to stand by. This week I went back to it and with the past one month's experience, it was all play!

Here's a shot.

This "Save all" button will be useful when users face issues and are unsure of what part is causing a particular problem. It could be the connection managers, mission-control or parts of Empathy itself. So with this branch merged, instead of saving individual logs for each service selected using the service chooser, one will need to simply use this button and have a compiled log saved on disk.

I made another not much observable change in this branch too. The older save button used to fetch log messages from the model which was updated from the cache and was used to display the messages in the main view. To make both saving tasks work coherently and to avoid code reuse, I changed it to load messages directly from the cache like what our new "Save all" button does.

There was this another bug evident using telepathy-gabble 0.11.5, about which I also mentioned in my last post, where, in MUC chat window tabs the typing icon was not getting correctly updated [bug]. I begun with a patch for it but after discussing it over IRC, finally closed it as the typing icon in MUCs is no more relevant when the typing icon is displayed next to the composers now.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Internship - Week 3 & 4

Hi all!

The passed week and its last, I worked on the following:

The last feature was a proposal that caught my eye while browsing the empathy MUC issues.
Having the knowledge of who is typing in a chat room in real time would be quite useful. This was possible using "composing" states obtained from chat state notifications (XEP-0085). Although one-to-one user chats in empathy provide this facility but private chats and multi-user chat rooms were still deprived of this feature.

While working on this, Danielle helped me with chat state observation and discovered a telepathy-gabble bug causing unexpected parsing of incoming chat states as a part of this endeavor, after whose resolution I was able to pursue my tasks at hand. Hence, to test this work out, you'll need the bleeding-edge telepathy-gabble too.

Here are demonstrating shots for the same:
Private MUC

Chat room

So you can see that with the gabble bug rectified, now the chat window tab typing icons also work but they are a bit faulty. "Why", is what I am looking into!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Internship - Week 2

Hi there,
A very Happy New Year 2011 to all of you!
Last week, the Christmas and New Year fervor enthused everyone. The commits I feel weren't satisfactory and i'll be consequently giving more love to Empathy this week.

I submitted-
Some of my time was spent figuring out why /nick command behaves weirdly in Jabber MUCs and am currently working on this bug.