Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Going on...

Ahoj Planet!

Good news is that the patches I presented in the last post have been verified and merged with a few changes:

The remove contact dialog looks like this now with the name of the group displayed-

Only one of Join and Leave chat menu-items gets displayed in the top of the 'Conversation' menu-

(and with these we move one step towards having ability to close a chat window without leaving a chat.)
Besides these, other works submitted for review are:
  • Show typing icon against composing members of a private MUC or a chat-room

  • With my patches, the search-bar will now hide itself when an action is selected from the contact-roster after search is performed. This will make it look smarter and will improve its promptness for the next search. See for yourself in action! (Bug 643183)
  • Submitted a patch to close Bug 698530 - adding contact to group does not cause them to leave Ungrouped until Empathy restart.

    There's so much to be done. Stay tuned for more polishing!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Back to shooting bugs!

I had been underground as I was not well. I was too tired and was advised rest from work.

When I came back I picked up my pending branch on telepathy-networking in gnome-chess since work begun should not be left incomplete. I realized that my branch had diverged from gnome-chess master to quite some extent :( so I decided to fix and complete that at any next stretch of peaceful time such as the GNOME India hackfest being planned. :)

Meanwhile, I'll continue with bug-fixing and triaging, since the tiniest things are also important.
I have proposed fixes for:

  • Bug 643755 - Create Join Chat and Leave chat menu items for the conversation menu in MUCs (multi-user-chats)
  • Bug 698840 - "top contacts" who are offline are incorrectly showing in Empathy's contact list
  • Bug 585440 - Deleting a contact in multiple groups (in Empathy's remove contact dialog)

    I am currently looking into Bug 703487 - Show typing icon against composing members of a MUC, which was lost in obsoleting old code and needs to be redone using the new API.