Monday, December 27, 2010

Internship - Week 1

Hi all,
Last week I created a new popup feature that would allow the users to quickly enable/disable accounts from the accounts tree-view in accounts dialog.

Right clicking a disabled account.

Right clicking an enabled account

Note that the icon on the enable menu-item is the most-available presence depending on the chosen presence and not always necessarily the "available" icon.

I also made a small change in the way private and multi-user chats appears to a user. Influenced by approach used by Google talk, the user's name in current chat will be reduced to the string "Me: " thereby making chat look clearer and avoiding unnecessary clutter. This recent change is awaiting commit after which a private chat will look somewhat like the following with only the current chat affected.
Using "Me" for the user's name in private chats

...and similarly in Multi-user chats too.

Now, i'll be concentrating on improving Multi-user chats (MUCs) and removing its major and normal bugs.