Friday, February 8, 2013

Status of GlChess in GNOME Games

A while ago, I was found working on GNOME games. GNOME Chess work is on a hault due to lack of reviews at Telepathy's end and the focus has shifted to Allan Day's designs for the control-center's Date and Time panel but the effect of my work on gnome-games module was still lacking a write-up.

The long due promotion type selection dialogs have been given the correct place in the game where they pop up right after the player has moved a pawn to the 8th rank(row). This work-branch has been merged to master and here's how it looks while playing:

So now one has to select his pawn's promotion type when required and not predict his requirements before the game begins. The corresponding setting in the preferences dialog which was also not working as expected, has been reduced in favour of this.