Monday, December 27, 2010

Internship - Week 1

Hi all,
Last week I created a new popup feature that would allow the users to quickly enable/disable accounts from the accounts tree-view in accounts dialog.

Right clicking a disabled account.

Right clicking an enabled account

Note that the icon on the enable menu-item is the most-available presence depending on the chosen presence and not always necessarily the "available" icon.

I also made a small change in the way private and multi-user chats appears to a user. Influenced by approach used by Google talk, the user's name in current chat will be reduced to the string "Me: " thereby making chat look clearer and avoiding unnecessary clutter. This recent change is awaiting commit after which a private chat will look somewhat like the following with only the current chat affected.
Using "Me" for the user's name in private chats

...and similarly in Multi-user chats too.

Now, i'll be concentrating on improving Multi-user chats (MUCs) and removing its major and normal bugs.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Internship begins...

So it's Dec 15th and my internship begins today. Excited? Yeah!! Immensely and a little nervous too!!! :D 

Well in this while I had been somewhat preparing for my internship to start in a good pace. I went through the basic GTK tutorials and underlying API references and fixed some of the bugs in Empathy.

A few ambiguities resolved. A small fix was made in Empathy's account's dialog which required changing the tab focus chain sequence. Another notable change was that when no accounts are set up in empathy (or all are disabled) then instead of having the full 'Room' menu made insensitive, only sub menus Join, Join Favorites and any favorite rooms are made insensitive. Which means, if a user had no account set up then he can now click on the "Room" menu and his default empathy view would be somewhat like this (ignore the theme):

There will be a 'Save all' button functionality added to the debug window hopefully soon. The work on it was stalled due to some GTK bug yet unresolved. I created a standalone application to demonstrate it but that didn't seem to have caused much effect.

I hope I keep up to mark and create things that the open world would remarkably recognize and appreciate! I have a long way to go and this is only the first step. I have learnt a lot of things on my way to this first rung of my career and it was a wonderful experience.
Wondering how enthralling it's gonna be beyond this. :)