Friday, October 6, 2017

Blogging after a long time... turning my blog into an algorithmist's blog solving this world's time and memory efficiency problems in computing.

... Since I cannot talk much about what things I work on as part of my day job and since I feel that's making my blog boring and making the viewers wait a lot between my blogging sessions, I've decided to start blogging about algorithmic programming skills which every computer software engineer should be good at!

I'll do this because I like spending my free time in sharpening my algorithmic skills and while I take notes, why not should someone-on-the-web learn something out of it?

I'll post codes into a Github public repository which will have C++ solutions (why C++? due to it's speed, presence of STL and intuitiveness of Object Orient-ism) tested by online judges and if I learn something triggering an Aha moment, I'll jot down a quick blog post with links to an actual runnable code and the problem it solves.

You all can send thank you notes and suggestions for improvements my way, as always!

Sounds fun?
Watch this space!

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