Thursday, November 17, 2016

Making lshw, IBM PowerPC compliant

Dear Linux Community,

The first tool that comes to mind when we think of obtaining hardware inventory on a computer is lshw, a concise tool leveraging C++ capabilities which already generates good results when run on a number of platforms, including x86.

lshw, like other cross-platform tools has generic code portions which are same across all platforms and some platform-specific code portions.

I am glad to tell that efforts to make lshw display correct and accurate platform-specific results when run on IBM PowerPC server systems running Linux are paying off as code-changes are getting merged upstream:

My other notable commits(despite of not retaining the Author name and signoff tag) include:

I'd like to thank lshw maintainer, Lyonel Vincent, here for acknowledging and accepting the changes.

Research is ongoing on abilities that are required but are lacking in the generic code as well and some of those require deep knowledge of ioctls, SCSI, SAS etc. and their workings. We're seeing how to expose more of those hardware inventory (encapsulated by certain subsystems) along with their location-codes and Vital Product Data (VPD) to the users so watch the above spaces and keep your systems updated!

Happy Hacking!

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