Thursday, February 26, 2015


Hello Folks!

How are you doing?

My GNOME days are sort of behind me but that doesn't mean I've stop writing!

I've regained my health and am back to rocking the world with my chilling products and learning experiences.

What I've been up to in silence besides my job has been updated on my github repositories: SPOJ (which is about Sport Programming and past hackathons' problems involving Data Structures and Algorithms solved by me, a work in progress) and TestPOI (which is a tool for generating Data sets for a test database by shuffling records in an excel spreadsheet using Apache POI). Check them out! ;)

In the next few blogging sessions, I'll be talking about my growth as an android developer as I progress through classes on Developing Android Apps (Android Fundamentals) and UX Design for mobile Developers (Learn to design a 5-star Android App)!

So stay tuned!


  1. You are doing well Chandni.
    Than you so much

  2. Rocking Girl . Hav continued ur ideas in a row.....