Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Going on...

Ahoj Planet!

Good news is that the patches I presented in the last post have been verified and merged with a few changes:

The remove contact dialog looks like this now with the name of the group displayed-

Only one of Join and Leave chat menu-items gets displayed in the top of the 'Conversation' menu-

(and with these we move one step towards having ability to close a chat window without leaving a chat.)
Besides these, other works submitted for review are:
  • Show typing icon against composing members of a private MUC or a chat-room

  • With my patches, the search-bar will now hide itself when an action is selected from the contact-roster after search is performed. This will make it look smarter and will improve its promptness for the next search. See for yourself in action! (Bug 643183)
  • Submitted a patch to close Bug 698530 - adding contact to group does not cause them to leave Ungrouped until Empathy restart.

    There's so much to be done. Stay tuned for more polishing!