Friday, July 5, 2013

Back to shooting bugs!

I had been underground as I was not well. I was too tired and was advised rest from work.

When I came back I picked up my pending branch on telepathy-networking in gnome-chess since work begun should not be left incomplete. I realized that my branch had diverged from gnome-chess master to quite some extent :( so I decided to fix and complete that at any next stretch of peaceful time such as the GNOME India hackfest being planned. :)

Meanwhile, I'll continue with bug-fixing and triaging, since the tiniest things are also important.
I have proposed fixes for:

  • Bug 643755 - Create Join Chat and Leave chat menu items for the conversation menu in MUCs (multi-user-chats)
  • Bug 698840 - "top contacts" who are offline are incorrectly showing in Empathy's contact list
  • Bug 585440 - Deleting a contact in multiple groups (in Empathy's remove contact dialog)

    I am currently looking into Bug 703487 - Show typing icon against composing members of a MUC, which was lost in obsoleting old code and needs to be redone using the new API.

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