Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New things developing

[I hate procrastination. Even if I ever fall into its trap, it comes out to be beneficial at the end.]
It has been a long time since I last blogged about my work in open source.

I had mostly spend my time after coming out of my inert state (I was behind the veils partly with my beloved algorithms which I had left alone for a while) in expanding my horizons forcing myself against new things and finding myself mostly as a receptor with only inputs "ON". I had multiple projects going on simultaneously just to find myself aware when seeing anything new: seeking Bash and Make reference manuals more than ever before; teaching myself how to make full feature branches; goofing alot, literally A LOT with one bug report spanning 100 comments (which is also a perfect example evidencing changing requirements are poison), and thus learning more; adopting and experimenting with new tools; GConf/GSettings: (what on earth was that and their port: another window with a score of tabs); experimenting with Glade, a RAD tool for GTK+ interfaces; .mk files, .client, .manager, .desktop, .service and the desktop directory specification standard; installing icons and the Icon theme Specification; not to forget the DBus Specification, getting familiar with how i18n works, and many more which are not even coming to my mind right now! I apologize if you had been around and I had kept you waiting but without creating more suspense, I would like to share some cool new recent developments in my life.
  • I began working on providing networking support to gnome-games.
    It just began with an idea when I was planning to make a healthy-wealthy contribution to GNOME with the aim of putting to use what I had learnt until now and learn even more in the process. I had no clue of how I would go about it. My major hurdle was that games are written in Vala which is itself in a state of progress with very little and incomplete documentation and bindings to browse to find your way out, but with Robert Ancell's patience, things have happily began to develop. I'll soon be blogging with more on it.
  • I was given my brand new GIT developer account with my work vouched by Cassidy and now you can also contact me on vchandni@gnome.org for GNOME related issues: Thanks Cassidy and thank you Andrea Veri for setting it up for me.
  • I was made a member of the GNOME Foundation: Thanks to Marina, Fujii, Danni and Emily.
  • GNOME is being brought to Asia with the 5th Asian summit, this year in Hong Kong!

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