Wednesday, March 21, 2012

GNOME 3.4 to be out within a week!

For preparation of the 3.4 release, master branches have been frozen against last minute (and possibly erroneous) code alterations to save the precious stability from being hit. See release schedule.

Also did I bring to your notice a tiny API provided by our well-known pastebin?

Well, everyone who has an account there is provided a developer-key to use it. One non-pro account holder can paste as much as 512 KB of data at once. Apart from reconditioning the whole of Empathy's debugger for visible load-time improvements and introducing an "All" option in the service chooser, I used this API along with libsoup to provide a convenient toolbar button for pasting large and complex debug data into it in one go. Empathy will be shipped with a licence to use my Pastebin-API developer key in open.
Shots of how the work looks:

The better the debugger, the better the application! Try it live and do test it out thoroughly :)

My glchess-networking work will continue in a separate branch off gnome-games master.

Hooray!!! GNOME 3.4.0 will be wrapped and out within a week! (amazing isn't it: 3.4 is not yet out and they're already planning 3.6 :)


  1. Hello, I do not think you & paste bin have understood each other.

    Pastebin has said "sure post your key publicly if you like"... but they have not said that you will be granted amnesty from responsibility.

    This pastebin ( was created using your key, I believe that you will be held responsible for the legality of it's content.

    For your own protection, I would advise you create something to allow users to input their own key ;)

  2. Nothing pasted on pastebin is proved as legal content.

    My requesting for the permission already declares that this pastebin key is open for anyone to use. Granted per se by me.

    So you now know that I am not responsible.