Saturday, July 16, 2011

An Honest Declaration

I got involved with GNOME through the awesome program for Women Internships from December 2010 to March 2011. With that on end and with the fact that I had already completed my graduation I was expected to join any organization and be immediately productive. So was what I wanted to be but the "any organization" part does not suit me as I do not want to miss geniuses around me when I work in an office environment.

With the GNOME tag associated with my name, I was undoubtedly offered many positions from application to embedded development but with none I felt the level of satisfaction I got while working for GNOME. I began late compared to my more aware counterparts who started open-source contributions while still in University (and I really regret that) but I realize that to be where I want to be, there is no short-cut and I have to trace the complete path.

So, yes I want to be immediately productive and yes, I want to work with geniuses around me and to fulfill this craving of mine, I will continue providing services to GNOME as an honorary developer until I make myself worthy of being taken in by one of the many firms that have made GNOME what it is today! Although, this required me to convince a lot of people around me but I am happy that they are finally with me now respecting me and my reverberating ambitions.


  1. Exactly how I feel. I'm still a tiny contributor (and a GSoC student), but I feel like GNOME has not only helped me get cool internships and a lot of credit, it also taught me so many things that puts me far more advanced than my school friends, not only thanks to coding but also by chatting and interacting with the bunch of ultra-skilled developers at the core of GNOME.

  2. It's nice to read this ! Sooner or later be sure newbies will feel the same about working with you in GNOME :-)

    I also think that is good being part of GNOME and collaborate with soo many talented folks.

  3. Exactly my thoughts these days. I too started very late in the open source world and now I don't see myself working for a big organization or a hot startup unless it involves work related to my areas of interest. But it will take some hard work to get there :)

  4. :) that's what makes it worth you, right!