Monday, March 28, 2011

GNOME Asia Summit 2011 - Adventure Begins ;)


Today I landed Bangalore, the venue for GNOME Asia Summit, 2011. My travel was sponsored by the GNOME Foundation. Other than Bharath Acharya, the backbone for the event, I met Srinivasa Ragavan, Pockey Lam, Vincent Untz, Andre Klapper, Frederic Peters and Frederic Muller, Allan Day, Ryan Lortie, Josselin Monette and Andreas Nilsson today! We had lunch together, walked up to a nearby mall and talked over a lot of stuff! It was fun! Hoping to meet the other Hackers and Marketing, Design and Release team members in the coming days.

GNOME Hackfest begins tomorrow. 

The week ahead is going to be busy but full of adventure! :D With lots of registrations for the summit already made and student registrations going free, a huge audience is expected for the launch party and GNOME 3 is catching the mood!

Will be adding on more related details as I get time.


  1. Hello Chandini,

    I'm applying for the OPW by Gnome this year and since you have been a part of it, it'll be great to meet you and know your experience. I'll be at the Gnome Asia summit 2011 tomorrow. Looking forward to meet you

    Thank you,

  2. It will surely be wonderful. Let's meet!