Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm a proud GNOME Intern now! hooray!

Hello everyone!

Yesterday night the results for GNOME internships 2010 were finally officially announced and I am in!! :)
The best Deepawali present ever. :) What occasion would have been more auspicious than this for the results to get declared!

Everyone was happy. My dad and my grandparents were more than elated as they wouldn't believe me before anything was up on notices! I received my family's blessings and applauses with heart full of gratitude as their belief in me was always intact and they gave me the freedom to pursue my dreams!

I planned a gift trip for mom and dad to Jim Corbett Wildlife Sanctuary on my expenses. I had heard them planning the visit along with their old friends sometime ago. ;)

I extend my thanks to all the empathy folks, particularly Danielle Madeley who supported and guided me all the way through! She's really talented! This wouldn't have been real had she not been there. Thanks again!


  1. This is a great achievement. Keep it up. Is your work going to be related to Empathy?

  2. Thank you and yes, i'll be working on Empathy!

  3. Congratulations :-)
    Hoping to see some awesome stuff from you.